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“I had my first appointment with Dr Paris last week and I would really recommend her to anyone with skin issues. The consultation was very professional and thorough. She has given me a very clear and easy plan to follow and recommended some amazing products. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.”


Dr Paris is an experienced aesthetic doctor and face surgeon with a real passion for her work. Her professionalism and knowledge gain your trust. I would definitely recommend her and I am looking forward to my next appointment.


You can rest assured you're in the safest of hands with Dr Paris. Welcoming, informative, and pain-free! Looking forward to my next treatment.


Amazing!! Such great results. A beautiful natural look and I couldn’t be happier with my Botox treatment. Dr Paris is very professional and personable. Would highly recommend


I highly recomend Dr Paris. Consultation was informative and in depth. I received exceptional care at every visit. Results I get from the treatments are always natural, bespoke to my requirements.


After much deliberation I decided to go ahead with Botox treatment and a dermal filler to address some stubborn lines that had been bothering me for a while. I cannot express how happy I am with the results of my treatment. I look like me, but a fresher and younger version -exactly what I had hoped for. Dr Paris is extremely knowledgable and professional and put me at ease from start to finish. She addressed any concerns I had and took the time to clearly explain the aftercare to me. I can’t stop smiling! Thank you Dr Paris. I will definitely be back.


Paris is so lovely and professional. She made me feel so at ease about my skin issues and made everything so simple! Highly recommend!


I had lip augmentation done 24 hours ago. I would have expected to wait a few days to recover before writing my review but this just could not wait. Dr Paris is extremely professional and has a calming aura about her. She put a nervous person like me at ease. I had wanted a natural looking augmentation done for a while now however, after talking to a few people the idea of painful injections, bruising and swelling always put me off. Dr Paris took time to go through all the options with me and reassured me constantly. She offered me local anaesthetic which worked extreamly well. I can honestly say they whole process was painless and pleasant. She used the latest technique meaning my downtime (which is usually a few days) was actually non existent. Having taken into account that everyone is different when it comes to recovery. I can truly say i was painfree, no swelling and no bruising and 24 hours later i feel great. 
Dr Paris has been great and the after care offered has been brilliant too. If you are like me, nervous and first time.or someone who want a professional consultation go and see her. I am already booking in my second session!


I was lucky enough to come across Dr Paris through a friend.  I was looking to have some fillers on my cheeks and jawline as well as some Botox but did not want the "frozen/ fake" look.
Dr Paris was very patient in explaining the procedure prior to it taking place so I could make the right option for me and be comfortable with it.
Her unparalleled skill and expertise in her field has enabled me to gain her trust and most importantly she is a talented, skilled and highly professional practitioner.  Her medical background (facial surgeon) gives an edge to her practice which means I would never consider going elsewhere.


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